ReviewTime: CL – The Baddest Female


The song

I was going to say nothing about this and I still think like that, but I just can’t. The song is stuck in my head for some good hours now… so I think making a review about it would make me feel a little bit better (but in a good way).
CL is one of my favorite YG artist. I like her from her debut days and when she debuted as a 2NE1 member I was very happy. I like her voice (especially when sing) and her self. BUT… I have to say this time I don’t like it.
My first attempt of listening to “The Baddest Female” was awful… I didn’t like it and I still have doubts if I like it or not (still, the “na nabbeun gijibe” part is playing hide-and-seek in my head…). The song has some good parts and some bad. For example, the beginning is a total fail. The chorus thou is very cheerful and happy. I think this is the reason why I played again the song and played again, and again, and again till I started to actually like it! The last part —> the best.
Yep, now after listening to it for 30 minutes I can’t without listening to it… kill me *haha*

The MV

Even if I didn’t like the song at the beginning, the MV was a total surprise for me. It reminded me of “I AM THE BEST” days from so many points of view! The colors, the meaning, the cloths, everything. Now I know why Yang Hyun Suk (YG’s CEO) had high praise for the MV. It totally blow your mind.


The were some moments that made me laugh so hard, smile like an idiot because of cuteness and made me say “WTF?”. I love the part with “male” CL with that mustache xD which BTW was brilliant. The only thing that I actually didn’t like was CL’s gold teeth – this just doesn’t fit her. So… here we have GD and Taeyang and Lydia Paek, but, BUT let’s talk about GD cuz he for sure belongs to “WTF moments”. What is he wearing?! Or should I say what is he not wearing xD GD baby I know you’re a fashionista but you still have to wear pants! I loved how CL’s and Taeyang’s bandana matches here kehe…



Seriously!!! Look at this little human. SHE IS ADORABLE! Made my day when I saw her.
All in all… I still hate the beginning. I just can’t like it… the rest of the song is ok. The last part is the best!

Haven’t seen CL’s “The Baddest Female” MV yet? Check it out below:


2 thoughts on “ReviewTime: CL – The Baddest Female

  1. This is pretty much exactly how I feel. The live version is better I would say, because she raps over the singsong-y sections.

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