ReviewTime: Block B – Very Good


(everyone’s badass – Taeil looks like he’s posing for the yearbook)

Block B is finally back (thank God) after the problematic dispute with their former agency, with their title track called “Very good”! Usually, after conflicts like that happen, the band, well, ends up with a bad comeback song and new style  *hint* Dalmatian=====>DMTN (I really liked them when they debuted…), also JYJ (before you judge… I love JYJ, but “Ayyy girl” had such a low-budget video, the rapper in the beginning ruined the whole song but, who can forget the “Rolling down ma’ sexy window” move :>).  Back to Block B! I’m so happy they didn’t change their style and the two music videos they released so far were amazing!

Block B

Block B



When I saw the teaser, my inner gamer struck: Oh…this looks like “Payday”. It’s a cooperative game where you put on weird masks and you have to rob a bank, eventually fighting the police!

I believed some crazy, interesting shooting and fighting is coming next. They barged into the bank  armed and so determined then… they pull off their masks  start dancing and they slowly turn crazy! I mean, P.O. steals a lady’s lipstick and proceeds to wearing it. “Jihoon honey, that red doesn’t compliment your suit!” And what’s with the obsession for the lipstick in this music video?


Zico looks like Ozzy Osbourne with that black lipstick and his round glasses. In so many comments people said he was copying G-Dragon but, sorry to say, no one owns the lipstick: Well, women do but, how can you say no to a man that insists on wearing it! This was supposed to be a very serious heist but, everything became funny to me. Kyung has his head stuck in a plate with vegetables, wearing lipstick, Taeil is playing with his fork and knife, Zico is assaulted by fat ladies, but he feels bad about robbing a bank and starts sweeping the floor. Still, my favorite scene is when Jaehyo has to fight  that woman but, he is blinded instead by her boobs popping out from her bra! Men! *rolling eyes* They are the worst robbers ever! They came with the purpose of stealing the money but, they walk out empty-handed. And the surveillance camera recorded everything. What kind of robbers do that? Still, they are on second place on my list with the worst delinquents in k-pop, after Dal Shabet in “Mr. Bang Bang”. At least, those girls took the money!
I’ve talked so much about the video, that I completely forgot about the song! Since Zico has his hands in everything that ends up in Block B’s albums, there is no point to even discuss it! Good things come from good people!


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