ReviewTime: Kahi – It’s ME

tumblr_muft7edfzC1r2ihrpo1_500There were SO MANY comebacks music videos in one day, that I got so confused on what to watch first. AOA, SHINee, T-ara and now Kahi. Am I forgetting someone? ~.~ Don’t know! If there is someone who doesn’t know who Kahi is, she is an ex-member of girl group “After School”, and as the name  (school) suggests, they graduate after a number of years. So far, only two members graduated: Kahi and Bekah.Kahi is not at her first solo act. She released a solo album back in 2011 with the title track “Come back, you bad person”! The song was so good, because it emphased her dancing skills and charisma. Kahi is by far one of the best idol dancers in the k-pop industry.Honestly,her album “Who are you?” it’s way better than I expected. Also, her song “Sinister” features former After School member Bekah. I read when she graduated, that she will be focusing on her studies in fashion design: it’s so good to hear her sing again,this means maybe she’ll debut as a solo singer later?

OK, now let’s talk about “It’s ME” – the title track! The video was filmed in Barcelona, Spain and it features Kahi either walking elegantly on the streets, driving, staring in the distance or dancing (this girl has some cool abs ❤ )tumblr_mufytfwr4V1qmlc53o2_500The song is fine. I mean, I don’t really find it extraordinary. I wanted something more “Kahi”– powerful, cool, charismatic. And, uhm, I have a slight problem with the grammar in the chorus. I don’t know if it was supposed to be a pause after the sentence or it’s just simply wrong. “I’m so bad girl/I’m so cool girl/I’m so sexy sexy girl“. The  correct way is “I’m SUCH a bad girl”, and, although I don’t hear even a slight pause after the “bad/cool/sexy”, for the sake of the argument, I’ll just pretend it’s ok. Well, overall, it’s off to a good start for this amazing girl. Another good soloist this year. Let’s see what she’ll be delighting us with next!


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